Question & Advice: "One of my cards is damaged! What do I do?"

can you see the crease? it’s much more obvious in person.

This was a question not posed to me directly but to /r/tarot and I thought it would be good to address it here.

The other day I realized my 15 year old RW deck had a dent in the upper right hand side, if it were facing upwards. I freaked out for a bit, worried about the pristine condition of my cards and, oh shit, what if it affected my readings? What if I noticed the dent during a reading and I remembered (subconsciously or not) what the card was and that swayed things?

I made myself forget about it for a couple days as I was busy with other things. Then I saw a similar question come up on /r/tarot and that reminded me of my problem and I immediately had the answer(2):

1. This person on Reddit was new to Tarot. If they could afford it they could simply order another deck as they just got it so they could just set it aside (or throw it out/give it away) and make sure not to use it for serious reading efforts. They could use it to help learn the tarot until they got a new deck, especially if money and time is an issue. If it feels right to get a new deck, they should do it.

2. Don’t worry about it, change they can their reading habits if they can. When I do a reading I don’t actually look at the deck when I draw from it. I just place the card into position, immediately face up. The other issue is that I might feel the crease in the card… but in my case the way I handle the cards, I don’t think I’ll touch it very often if at all.

3. If you’re an intuitive reader anyway, does it matter? This might be a topic for another time but it is an interesting one. I go by feely thoughts and such, not by the book or anybody else’s’ rules. Seeing the dent on a card and knowing what it is before I even place it? Probably not much different from not having the dent there. This is just a hunch, though. I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve been too busy and chaotic to sit down and do any readings.

4. If you’re not an intuitive reader, and as long as you’re not doing a visual “pick a card, any card” reading, it also probably doesn’t matter. A dent on the card means it’s the 6 of Cups as much as looking at the front of the card means it’s a 6 of Cups. If you’re not flipping your cards in a reading over immediately, is there a difference? So you know a card ahead of time in a spread… will that really make a difference?

Those are all the possible solutions I can think of at the moment. Keep in mind that I am an atheistic and intuitive reader so it may be that none of this applies to you. If you have a different idea of what this querent can do, leave a comment below!


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