Deck Interview: Universal Waite

I figured since my Tarot skillz are rusty and it’s been awhile since I did a proper reading I ought to do an interview spread. I found this one here and it seemed good to me.

The Layout


I had an easy time reading the first 4 cards. They came across very strong to me but had to look up the last 2. So this is a half pulled-out-of-my-ass reading and half by-the-book.

Out of curiosity I looked of the first 3 cards and what I read for #1 didn’t vibe with me at all. #2 was a nice addition to what I was getting, and #3 was pretty much the same.

I always have a hard time putting forth what I get out of readings and I rarely share my thoughts. One reason being that there’s going to be people who disagree with me and tell me I’m not doing it right. The other reason being that nobody really fucking cares lol. I can’t believe I let other people get to me like that so I’m going to work on getting over it. So here’s my thoughts on this reading:

Play by Play

#1 I was amused at this card in this position mostly because of the “Fortune” part. That is what Tarot is generally seen as isn’t it, a soon for fortune reading? I don’t particularly believe in fortune telling as it’s usually presented in the media. So this is pretty much the opposite of what I think this card should be. BUT this deck has actually provided me with some very accurate “fortunes”.

#2 What I got as “focus, on the nose, accurate, stubborn”. Ah, that is what I wholly believe about this deck. Am I surprised? Not really for an intuitive reader.

#3 I got… strife, conflict, fighting. I feel like that’s about conflict between myself and what cards the readings give me. See #1 haha.

#4 I had a hard time with this one at first but then it came to me. Something along the lines of: Nourishment, attention… to detail? or a motherly attention? That would explain the nourishment. Like someone taking care of their seedlings. So I’m to learn a sort of  motherliness with this deck?

#5 I need to be methodical, patient, and committed. I had to look this card up and find my answer in the description. Kind of like divining from the text, if that makes sense, along with some logic to make it fit like a puzzle piece.

#6 Abundance, guidance and wisdom. Another one I had to look up and another one I feel rings true. Doing Tarot has brought me a certain kind of wisdom and stability with myself.

I have 3 pentacles for the last/top three cards and I don’t know why but I get a very sobering, grounding feeling from that.

So that’s my reading for today! I think it went rather interestingly. It was fun and insightful in a confirmation-biased sort of way.



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