Question & Advice: Daily Draws?

Again a question from Reddit and in good timing. It reminded me to do today’s card and got me thinking about it in depth.

Several years, for a few months, I did a daily draw. You’ll have to pardon my shitty memory on this but I think it’s all coming back to me.

Benefits of a daily draw:

  • It can become part of your morning/evening routine and for people who like routine this is a good thing.
  • It can help you learn about the tarot in general/the specific deck you’re using. Newbies really should do it!
  • It’s a good way to get into journalling and for me it was worthwhile journalling which was very important.
  • It lets you take a step back and examine your life and spot patterns.
  • Its fun, kind of like a daily horoscope.

There are different methods you can go about doing a daily draw and which ever one you do is up to you. Feel free to mix it up!

Again, I have shit for memory so I’m having a hard time remembering exactly what I did. I know I played around a bit until I found my perfect routine. I think this is roughly what I did:

  1. Blindly pick a card in the morning and set it aside
  2. In the evening look at the card, study it, etc.
  3. Write down the impressions the card have on me, how it related to me on that day.
  4. Look the book up in a favorite book or two and write, very briefly, what the card means.
  5. Sometimes I’d leave it at that, or add one last step: Sit back, ponder, meditate on what I wrote down, then possibly write some more about what I learned overall.

Another method is after you pick your card in the morning, look at it and write what you think about it, then at night see what you wrote about it, compare it to your day, possibly even compare it to book definitions.

So that’s my thoughts on the daily draw with tarot. I may do another post later if I remember other details. I’m trying to get back to daily draws so maybe I’ll come up with something else!

What do you think, do you do a daily draw? Are you going to start doing it?



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