Deck Interview: Tarot Illuminati

Hi all! I got a new deck! I’m thinking about doing a review but I haven’t decided if I’ll try a video or just do a normal post. Probably just a post.

But for now I’ll just share the first spread I did with it: The New Deck Interview spread. Yup, it’s the same one I used with my Universal Waite deck.

If you know of any similar spreads I’d love to know about them!

The Layout


Play by Play

  1. Death. This card has often been about change for me. New things, ideas, adventures, etc. It’s interesting that a brand new deck is about bringing something new. I ordered this deck thinking it would be a good new deck to use as my main, give my Universal deck a bit of a break. Maybe I’ll be able to use this deck to look at things in a different way than the Universal Waite deck?
  2. Justice. I think this card here is telling me the deck’s strength is a fair and no nonsense.
  3. 4 of Pentacles. Limits as a deck… something about physical possessions? I’m not quite sure of this one.
  4. The Chariot. This deck is here to teach me to charge into battle, so to speak. To be confident? A sort of just do it and ask questions later sort of attitude. Alllrighty then.
  5. 9 of Swords. This is my least favorite card ever, of the whole deck and all of time forever and ever. It’s very confusing in this position. I can grasp at strays and try to take advantage of directions… the woman is facing towards the Chariot, she may have her eyes closed but if I go that route I think it wants me to focus on my dreams, maybe try dreaming about the deck or pay attention to images from it coming in my dreams. Well I’ve already been doing that so…. alllllrighty then!
  6. Ace of Swords. As soon as I placed this card I got “Success!” and looking at it again, “Victory!”. Digging further into what the actual card is, I’m thinking success on a mental or spiritual front. Maybe overcome some challenges I have ’round those parts.

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts are a bit tricky because I feel like I’ll just break out into a full fledged deck review which wouldn’t have been super positive, and not what this post is about. But then I did this reading and it’s maybe a game changer.

I think I’ve learned that this is going to be a very personal deck. I am all about Tarot for personal use anyway but this deck feels very… personal. I’ll have to think on all this and maybe update later




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