Tarotphelia’s Daily Spread

I found this over at the tarot forums while looking for a daily spread with a little more meat to it than just a single card, but still pretty quick to do. I drew it up last night to do for today.

The Layout




1. What I should do today.

2. What I shouldn’t do today.

3. The Unexpected

4. How can I be happy today?

5. Spiritual Advice

Play by Play

  1. 5 of cups: What the card means and what I got are way different. My BF had a 4 day weekend and he’s going back to work today, which feels weird because it was 4 days of being in a tiny room with him. I like and need my alone time and quiet time, so I thought this was about having my quiet time today, which I am!
  2. Queen of Wands: I didn’t initually get anything from this but after checking the book and pairing it with the position here, it confirms the 5 of Cups with something like “Don’t be be social”.
  3. 7 of Swords: I immediately thought “Someone is going to steal something from me?!” So there is some sort of sneaky something that is unexpected.
  4. The Sun: I think this ties into 1 & 2. To have a happy day I need to relax now that I have quiet time and remember that that is what makes me happy.
  5. 4 of Pentacles: This is more of a physical type card. I don’t know, I’m not a fan of this position in the spread but maybe it’s a reminder (not that I need one!) about my Black Friday haul. It may sound silly and shallow but I love material posessions. They make me feel good. I’ve got a big order coming in later this week, it’s really special. I dunno, this one is really flopping for me 😦

Final Thoughts

Some days I just really don’t know what to do with myself. Sometimes it’s because of anxiety or depression. Sometimes it’s just boredom or some plans got cancled at the last minute so I suddenly have a ton of freetime.

Today is not one of those days, but I figured I’d give this a whirl anyway.

I’m inclined to do this spread again for reasons stated above, but I’d rather change the purpose of the #5 card, and possibly #3. I could just remove #5, that wouldn’t bother me. I’ll think it over. #3 isn’t so bad really.

Overall I like this spread. I can see it being very useful!

What are your thoughts on this one?



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