Question & Advice: How do I get back into Tarot?

I found another question that I felt like I should respond to, especially because it’s totally the right timing for me right now. It couldn’t be any more relavent.

The Question

The person in question has not used their cards for awhile and wants to know if they need/how to bond to their cards again.


There are at least two ways you can look at this and I’ll go beyond just bonding:

What did I do to bond myself the first time, and do I feel like I want to do that again?

This is totally a great way to get started/bond yourself again. 

For myself, I didn’t do anything special before, I just carried them almost everywhere in my purse with me, put them in a special bag, flipped through them a lot, and used them quite a bit.

I never really stopped carrying them, just mostly stopped using them. So I could just pick them up and get back to reading like nothing has changed. But I have changed. I’m in the middle of moving, looking for an apartment, working on a personal style, refining my beliefs… so I figured I’d get back into Tarot in a different, new way…

Do I want to approach Tarot in a different manner so maybe I need to do something different?

This is great to think on if you’re starting something new in your life, like you’ve moved or you got married, or you’re starting something else big and meaningful.

There are any number of ways to connect to your deck, first things to do, etc. I’d actually like to make an entire post on this sometime so I’ll just talk about what I did for myself.

I’m living out of a motel so I’m not doing anything fancy. No moon crystal baths or sage clenses here. All I did was a deck interview spread!

I’m so glad I did it. It really got me feeling recconected. It was like talking to an old friend again and realizing that you still get along. It was quite insightful. I’m still pretty excited about it.

So I highly reccomend if you get a new deck or you’re getting back into tarot, do a deck interview or something similar! It’s like you’re “meeting” your deck and getting to know each other and I think that’s the perfect way to get to know someone.

I hope this will be helpful to someone! I got a little excited that someone else posted about getting back into the tarot. What about you, are you just getting back, or what are your experieces in conneting with your deck? Are you interests in posts like that?



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