Deck Interview: Tarot of the Vampyres

Amazon had a big sale on books so I picked up Tarot of the Vampyres! I’ve been looking forward to this because people just speak so highly of it. Little did I know… well, I’ll do a review in a week or 2 or so. Then you’ll see. :-/

The Layout


The Play by Play

I’m finding this deck incredibly hard to read with so I’m relying completely on the book.

  1. Two of Grails: The most important characteristic of this deck is love, emotion, union of two? I’m a Gemini so that kind of gets my attention.
  2. Ten of Scepters: This deck’s strengths are determination, perseverance, being firm.
  3. Nine of Skulls: The limits of this deck is abuntance of physical pleasures and rewards, like money and other things.
  4. Fortune: This deck brings change and movement, and teaches unexpected outcomes and change in direction of events.
  5. The Hermit: The best way to learn and collaborate with this deck is by being a lone wolf, introspection and solitude.
  6. Queen of Knives: By working together I can potentially be perseptive, have emotional clarity.

Final Thoughts

Wow. I just cannot read from this deck. It makes me feel like a newbie. I’m just dead in the water.

I don’t know what to think about the spread. It sounds nice, but it doesn’t particularly ring true at this time. I’m not sure what else to say, maybe I’ll have to spend more time with this deck and revisit this reading later.

Dear reader, has this ever happened to you? I’m so totally not into this deck and the reading was so cold and dead (like a vampire?!). Did you do anything to fix it?



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