Reading: Two-Card Cross for myself

Ever since I got the Tarot of the Vampyres I felt like I wanted to use this 2 card spread to ask about an issue I have.

I finally worked up the nerve to do it today.

I had a hard time forming the question exactly but I knew what I meant. Something along the lines of why I have troubles going out on my own.


The Layout

1. Aim

2. Blockage

Play by Play

1. The Moon: I did get a slight impression (after awhile though) of calm and serenity from this. So my aim is to be able to go out by myself and be cool about it.

When looking it up in the book it mentions all sorts of stuff that I couldn’t connect to, but also “facing our shadows”.

In the Shadow section something stood out to me “when in this [shadow] aspect, it can also indicate that we are giving into our fears or refusing to face our shadows.”

2. Lord of Knives: I got some fear out of this card. It’s intimidating, what’s going on. A guy weirding a sword on his rearing(?) horse? Yeah, that’ll give you pause. There’s also a storm going on (I for one love storms) but it does add to the mood and gives it a bit of crazed energy.

The book talks about active, dynamic thought, reason and logic, etc.

The Shadow says “Obsucities… Illogical… mental blocks…”.


What I’m getting here is my aim is calm and my blockage is my thoughts. Thanks, Tarot. You told me exactly what I already knew! OK I mean it really cements what I already knew. So I guess there’s that.

Final Thoughts

The spread itself seems like a good way to lead into something else. I like the idea. I’d like to play with it more, try to use it for situations where I don’t already know the answer haha.

I’m liking the Shadow descriptions in the book, it’s bringing things to a whole new level. It’s made this deck more interesting to me.


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