30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7

I found this blog challenge and thought it would be fun to do along side my other posts. The questions are posted all over but here’s where I grabbed them from.

Question 7: What is my favourite card (both in terms of the decks artwork and divination meaning)

Oh that’s a tough one! I have so many favorite cards that I look for when looking at a new deck, most being in the Major Arcana.

I love the Fool and always look for the dog and to see what the poor fool is about to do. I love the Hanged Man because artists can be so creative with how they hang. I also really love the Hermit because he reminds me of me, all quiet in solitude.

For the Minors a personal favorite is the 2 of Swords. Something about the image is just so striking.

As for favorite card for divinatory meaning I may have to say the Death card. It’s seen so negatively and it’s misunderstood. It’s about endings, beginnings, transitions… what’s not to love about that? It’s a reminder about the circle of life, that things go on. I love that shit.


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