30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9

I found this blog challenge and thought it would be fun to do along side my other posts. The questions are posted all over but here’s where I grabbed them from.

Question 9: What card do I pull the most often? Why do I think that is the case?

Ever since I got the Tarot Illuminati I have felt like the Queen of Wands is kind of… stalking me.

Now that I’m typing this out, I’m thinking of the black cat on her lap. Interesting, as that ties into me putting focus back into kittenplay/nekogirls and wearing my black cat ears and tail again.

The black cat also fits in with how I’m trying to get back in touch with my witchy side.

Maybe this is a sign that I’m on the right track and to remind myself to be more concious about these things. I have been thinking I want them to be bigger parts of my life so that’s even more validation.

I’m so excited about this but don’t really have anyone directly to share it with!


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