Mental Check Spread: v1.0

Hey there! So here’s a crazy thing. The other day I posted about creating my own spread and now I have and here’s the backstory:

I’ve been taking melatonin to help me sleep at night. I used to take Zzquil (I started calling it Sleep Dope) because I tried melatonin once before and it just didn’t work. I decided to try it under a different brand and wow it works.

So Wednesday night I had melatonin induced dreams all night long. Now to give some perspective my dreams are usually very long, full of detail, color and whackiness. Melatonin induced dreams? They are something extra special and intense but I haven’t been able to figure out exactly what.

That night, one of my dreams involved me casting a tarot spread involving 3 cards in a little triangle/pyramid type shape. The first/top card was something like “Current Mental State”. The other two, I don’t quite remember but I think they were something like “further details on current mental states” or “other feelings” or somesuch.

Yesterday I scurried on over to the Aeclectic tarot forums to see if this spread already existed. The closest I could find was the “Do Do” spread, or “Zoe’s Spread”. The spread quickly melded with my dream spread and I instantly had a really hard time remembering the cards for positions #2 and #3 (you know how remembering dreams go).

So I came up with my own, totally almost unique spread by combining mine and Zoe’s. It’s special enough to me that I’m going to giving it a name: The Mental Check Spread. I plan on making another one that’s a little more in depth, but here’s v1.0. I will probably keep it like this but I’m open to rewording or whatnot.

The Layout


(remind me to make a .jpg of this later)


The dreaming/discovery of this spread couldn’t have come at a better time. I nearly had a panic attack the other day (the same day I had the dream) and was even feeling touchy yesterday. I feel this spread would be good to do in moments where you’re feeling off for some reason.

Of course it would probably be very difficult to do during an actual panic attack but I feel like it could serve as a way to focus on something outside of those “ohshitwtfgonnadie” moments?

Play by Play

I have been feeling off since the panic attack so yesterday after poking around on the forums, I tried out the spread. The Dreaming Way tarot felt like a natural choice and I’m glad I did. I haven’t done an actual reading with the deck since the interview spread and it’s just oh. So. Lovely.


  1. Eight of Swords: I’m feeling (mentally and physically) trapped and feel like I can’t make any good choices.
  2. The Hermit: I should look inward for peace and guidance and trust myself, because I’ve been through some moderate shit before.
  3. Four of Swords: I shouldn’t make any choices right now (I know that doesn’t exactly line up with book teachin’s).

Final Thoughts

I love this spread; both the dream version and Zoe’s. But especially “mine”. It came at a good time and it’s was very useful and insightful.

I have one problem: When I was combining the two and quickly cast the spread I accidentally reversed #2 and #3. I intentially focused on right questions for each position but I just automatically wanted to do do/don’t, not don’t do.

The problem is did I do the reading wrong? Or should I count that as part of my personal spread and not think on it further? You see, I’m really good at thinking way too much on things 😉

I’ll stick with what I have, even if it’s not unique enough to call my own.

Have you dreamt of tarot or tarot spreads? Have you created your own? I’d love to hear about it. This was a first for me and it was very exciting!

p.s. inspiration to do my own layout graphics came when I stumbled upon the Bummed Out spread by New Age Hipster.


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