30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 15

I found this blog challenge and thought it would be fun to do along side my other posts. The questions are posted all over but here’s where I grabbed them from.

Question 15: How much emphasis do I put on the text-book meanings for the cards, and how much stress do you place on the “feeling” you get from the cards through their artwork, symbolism/ect. AKA reading intuitively? Do I use both, or one or the other?

I’m mostly an intuitive reader but I also mix in what I’ve learned about the Tarot over the years. If I feel like the Death card has a more traditional meaning in a reading doesn’t mean I’m going to view it the same way in the next reading.

It tends to be a nice mixture, and fairly consistent though. And that’s one of the things I just love about tarot, you can go either way or mix it up. Of course there will be people telling you you’re doing it wrong but if it works for you it works for you!


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