Deck Interview: Golden Tarot

omg so excuse the mess in the action shot below. As I’m writing this post (I’m going to schedual it for later) I’m crocheting a tarot cloth and holding my breath waiting to hear back about an apartment rental acception. But I wanted to do another deck interview for y’all.

The Layout


The Play by Play

  1. Two of Cups: most important characteristic: Duality, communication, working together harmoniously. This is a perfect partnertship.
  2. Four of Coins: Holding onto beliefs nomatter what everyone else thinks. For this deck I need to stay true to myself and my beliefs (or lack thereof in my case).
  3. Ten of Coins: this deck’s limitations is business and money. Maybe I’m not meant to use this deck to do business type things with.
  4. The Fool: Perhaps my lesson here is something like gateways opening new opportunities in my tarot path. Maybe meating new people and learning new things with this deck is important.
  5. Seven of Wands: Ignore anything else I see or hear about tarot/this deck and go with my gut, fight for what I need to keep afloat or upright.
  6. Seven of Swords: Empowerment in doing the things that I really want to do with tarot, or maybe the things I want to do with this deck.

Final Thoughts

This was a fairly easy, straightforward reading. I like the relative balance of types of cards. I’m really looking forward to using this deck more.



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