30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 20

I found this blog challenge and thought it would be fun to do along side my other posts. The questions are posted all over but here’s where I grabbed them from.

Question 20: Do I read for myself and/or for others?  Why or why not?

I read for myself mostly, because I feel it’s a very personal tool. I use it for introspection and meditation and just for the lulz.

I will occasionally read for someone else. I’ve gotten picky about it due to some crap experiences. My general rules are:

  1. I’ll read for friends just for funsies. I won’t attempt a serious reading. I don’t want my personal thoughts and feelings getting in the way or even just making me feel sad or responsible if it’s not a good reason. Also if it’s just a fun reading then I won’t get pissed if the querent oversteps their bounds.
  2. I’ll more readily read for strangers, especially on the Internet. This is because I’ve had at least one reading for a friend’s friend in person that later I heard got really mad at me because I was right? Also, it’s just easier for me to do a reading through e-mail so I can really sit and thing and delve into the reading. I just don’t have enough in-person practice. But even then I think online is just the best way.

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