Reading: Dreaming Way Five-Card Spread #1

I spent the day preparing a review post of the Dreaming Way tarot and then realized that I really ought to do another reading with it. (not sure yet when I’ll publish this post, or the review, so forgive any weird timey stuff)

This spread came from the back of the deck’s LWB and it’s already my new favorite spread. I’m picky, so that’s saying a lot! I’m totally going to make a graphic for it when I can.

I hope me doing this post convinces you to get this deck.

The Spread:


Play by Play:

#1 Present Gifts -What is presently your greatest source of joy?

Page of Cups: I immidiately got “Whimsey, and imagination”.

#2 The Past – What past pain is keeping you stuck in victim mentality?

The High Priestess: I’m confused about this one, even after looking at the LWB.

#3 Change  – What do you need to change in your life to fully realize the happiness you deserve?

The Tower: I was confused about this one at first. I got it a little mixed up, thinking it was a position for something else. But then I got it. The change is tearing down old views/mentalities/habits/ways of thinking.

#4 Delusions – What message do you keep telling yourself that you no longer believe? What excuses hold you back?

The Hermit: I think it’s saying that I don’t actually like too be alone, which is interesting. Earlier today, or yesterday, I started an IRC channel for kittenplay. Nobody I invited showed up and it made me feel a little lonely enough though I had another kittenplace related place to hang out. I don’t know if the card is trying to convince me that I don’t like to be physically lonely (we’d have to argue about that one!), but I have been hooked to online chatting since the 90’s, so it may play into that.

#5 Dreams – What do you aspire to? Dare to dream big!

The World: I usually just take the World card kind of literally. I don’t feel like I want the world. I do want to be financially independent and to me that would literally mean the world. If I look at the book it talks about accomplishments. That feels much more appropriate. But being self sustaining would be an accomplishment. So it all works out, ya?

Final Thoughts

I love this spread, I love this deck. It’s pretty easy to read and gives me something to think about. I’m going to totally use this for other people too.


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