Deck Review: Dreaming Way Tarot

This is going to be much shorter than my other deck reviews because holy shit y’all. I can’t pick favorite cards, or least favorite. I only have one complaint and it’s not even about the cards themselves. If you’re really interested in my thoughts on individual cards I’ll do pics and such, just let me know!


Publisher: U.S. Games 2012

Artist/Author: Kwon Shina and Rome Choi

System: 58 cards, RW

Suits: Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles

First Impressions

Gorgeous art, lovely fantastic card stock! The backs! ooohhhh the backs! look at ’em!


Favorite Cards


Least Favorite Cards

I have no hate.

Notable Cards

I actually could go on and on about this. But really just go get this fucking deck already it’s amazing. (but I will do maybe at some point)


Readability: 5/5

I’ll admit I’ve only done one reading so far, an interview spread. I think I was a bit off that day. I was going a bit by the book and a bit intuitively. I think that was a mistake, I think this is an intuition deck only. Can I get a redo?!

*edit* I’m publishing this post a few days after writing it but as soon as I finished it I did another reading, this time from the LWB. I’m bumping Readability from ?? to 5! This time I did it 95% intuitively, just trusted myself and got in there. It was a beautiful thing.

Cardstock: holyfuckwow/5

The cardstock is perfect. Not too thin, not too thick. On the thicker side with a nice firmness. Very easy to shuffle. Not too big, not too small. SO PERFECT.

Backs: 6/5

This is probably my favorite back of any deck yet, other than maybe my RW deck. It’s just so soothing and pleasant on the eyeholes. And it’s borderless! And so organic.

Book: 5/5

It’s a LWB. Just English, 39 pages. Has a nice little bit from the author in the beginning. I like that the font used for the names of the cards matches the font used on the cards.

It has a special Dreaming Way spread in the back using 5 cards. It’s just an enhancement of the Past/Present/Future spread. I plan on trying out this spread very soon. Maybe as soon as I finish this post.

It’s got a bit about numbers and dividing the cards into Mind, Body Soul. Cool.

It’s very to the point without feeling cramped or rushed. Choi does reversals but describes them as a just “weaker”. A’ight. I don’t do reversals but that’s fine by me.

Beginner Friendly: 4/5

It’s very RWS but the art is so… illustrative. I mean of course it is, but art just begs you to read it. So maybe not a first deck to learn with but certainly a first deck to get if you can no longer stand the fug of RWS.

Art: Are you kidding me? There is No Number High Enough/5

Dudes. Dudes. DUDES. This art is fan fuckingtastic. It’s so friendly and refreshing and relaxing. It’s so very unique. The fashion on the characters is bad ass. I remembering reading one or two people saying that it was “hipster”. Whatevs.

Kwon Shina creates this wonderful world that I kind of want to live in. It’s veru dream-like. I want to know many, if not all, of the characters. I just want to stare at the art all day.

The Box: .5/5

The box can suck it. I’ve been trying to get a picture to illustrate why, but I’m having a hard time capturing the fakery.

The box itself seems like it would do it’s job but really doesn’t. It’s the kind of box that has the foldy undery bit on the bottom and top, so that when you put the cards in it the cards will get caught on the bottom inner flap and not settle down nicely. It turns into a nightmare when you try to put the book in it. The book get damaged every time I try to properly close everything up.

I’m looking forward to finding a proper bag or box for this deck and then burning the box at the stake.

Oh and did I mention the cards and deck barely fit in the box? It’s a very tight squeeze. Ugh.

Final Thoughts

Well I thought this was going to be a brief review. Ooops 🙂

But basically: Unless you hate the art and/or don’t want any new decks, you need to get it. No ifs ands or buts. Just go get it.

I wish I had stumbled across Dreaming Way when it first came out. I could have spent so much time with it. But I think it’s going to become a main reading deck. I hope I can train myself to reach for it instead  of my RW.

I’m especially chuffed that I got this deck right before I moved to Koreatown. I know that doesn’t really mean anything but knowing the artist (and author) are Korean, and now living where I am… I dunno? Felt a little special. Not in a woo woo way but… something. Idunno.


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