Creating my own deck – Part #1 – Thoughts ‘n such

On a whim I decided to order some blank tarot cards. They arrived today.


They’re made by US Games Systems and it was only $8. The backs are a fairly ugly plaid so I won’t bother showing it off. The cardstock is very nice! The backs are a bit glossy while the front is just super smooth and matte, or mostly matte.

My initial thought was that I could just make art on the cards and not necessarily try to make it an oracle or tarot deck. I was thinking I could do my favorite collage-y mixed media-y style and maybe see if it works as an oracle.

Now I’m thinking that since collage would be bulky and make it hard to manage maybe I’ll just doodle. I could try doing a proper tarot deck but that’s just beyond me in so many ways.

98% of my art supplies are in storage so that presents another problem. Do I want to start working on ideas for each card and wait to work on them later? Or just work with what I have now? $8 is cheap enough that I figure I can make something with what I have and I could always do another one later.

This morning I woke up feeling a bit sick and I’m feeling even sicker by the moment. Hopefully it’ll pass quickly but now I have something nice and easy to do while I wait for it all to pass. The hardest part of all of this is deciding which direction to go!

What do you think, have you thought about making your own deck like this, just a OOAK little project for yourself? 





  1. So excited to see what you make of this! I have many fine skills (and will be the first to list them), but unfortunately drawing is not one of them. I doubt I’ll ever create a deck of my own, because there’s no conceivable way it would turn out as anything other than unpardonably ugly.


    1. Unfortunately I’m rather bad at drawing as well. I can kind of doodle and do some sketchy stuff but even my stick figures are a hot mess. Which is why I really want to do collage/mixed media or digital decks. I am ok with creating bad art (I’m strangely drawn to decks I consider to have “bad art”) so it hopefully won’t slow me down too much.


      1. Regardless, I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished version of the Hot Mess Tarot! This is an exciting project, and I do hope you’ll share more of it along the way.


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