creating my own deck – part # 2 – problems already

I don’t normally post three times in one day but hey. Nobody’s here to stop me. You also can’t stop me from this extreme ramble coming up:

So I found I’m drawn more and more to creating an oracle deck rather than tarot deck. So I narrowed my dozen or so ideas down to two decks to choose to make: one involving symbols associated with the tarot cards or one that is cute doodles that would draw heavily from RWS but still stand on their own enough.

I tested the various colored pencils and markers I have on an extra card. Unfortunately the Micron pens do not work on the cards. The ink just does not dry. So this ruled out doing anything in detail. So I can either do the symbols deck or order some extra fine tip Sharpies.

I went through Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen to collect one word for each card. I wanted to do this no matter which deck I went with, so now at least I have it all written down.


Then I started sketching out the symbol ideas. It’s very basic, nothing interesting at all. No artistic merit… just a couple of symbols arranged together. I think I did about 6 drafts of the Major arcana keywords I wrote and then oops… Something I didn’t think about. The pips don’t really have symbols associated with them in the same way as the minors. The court cards do though.

So do I just make a Major + Court inspired symbol oracle deck? That would be 38 cards, not too bad I guess (there’s just something about 78 cards though, y’know?). Do I come up with my own symbols for the pips, or some of them? That seems way out of my realm and would break the existing symbol vibe I have for the majors.

This would leave me with 40 left over cards I can set aside and do something with later.

Or I can just do whatever the fuck for each card. Work with the shit I have. I could draw some very rudimentary symbols but that’s not what I really set out to do and I’m afraid I just won’t want to use them when I’m done.

Or, again, I can just wait until I can order some Sharpies.

Another option I can do is carry on labelling all the cards and just leave them like that until I have all my supplies so I can collage on them. This is the most desirable route although it puts a stop to my thirst to create an oracle deck.

I’ll have to sleep on it, maybe consult some legit tarot/oracle cards. But for now, I have 22 labeled cards and they’re actually kind of neat to play with on their own.



  1. This is a fantastic idea! I already have the cards that called/connected to me (also hand delivered miles a way, things work in very mysterious ways). Such a great way to truly connect with your deck. I’ll be following to see how they turn out!


  2. Nothing wrong with a Majors-and-Courts deck! That said, you could always opt for TdM-style unillustrated pips. If you can draw a stickish wand and a relatively round Pentacle, it circumvents the need for more complicated symbolism.


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