Just thinking… Tarot altars? part 1

I’ve been thinking seriously on putting together an altar again. It’s been banging around my mind since the middleish of last year, which also happened with my spooky/goth and tarot reawakening.

It also didn’t help that I was living in New Orleans and there is just something about that place that is haunting and magical. It really jumpstarted something in me.


friend doing a reading with the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot, in New Orleans (November 2014)

The last time I had an proper altar was ~2007. It wasn’t particularly special or inspiring because I didn’t have any solid grip on my beliefs. I was learning about all sorts of pagany things that I didn’t completely believe in, but still wanted an altar.

Nowadays I know I’m an atheist but still with an interest in witchy things. I’m even toying at the idea of lableing myself an “atheist witch. It’s not that important to me to refine it so much but it seems so fitting.

I kind of feel like making lists sometimes helps me figure things out, so without further ado:

Why I want a Tarot Altar

  1. Need for “sacred space” (somewhere to set the mood, it’s all about the mood!).
  2. Want somewhere pretty and well lit to take photos of cards for this blog.
  3. Need somewhere comfortable and spacious and dedicated enough to do readings.
  4. Want to bring the spiritual(?) and symbolic aspects of tarot into a physical space to enhance the purpose and meaning of tarot (presentation!)
  5. C’mon. Tarot altar. It just sounds fucking awesome.

I Blame Jack

Last week I read this amazing post by Jack of Wands titled “Tarot, Polytheism, and a Sprinking of Nietzsche“. It resonated with me like whoa. It really got me thinking about why I crave myth (and magic). His(?) post really kicked my interest in a tarot altar into another gear – it’s time I start putting one together!

And what better time to start planning on putting something together than being in a brand new, completely empty apartment?

So what’s an Internet junkie to do when they want to plan out something but start a Pinterest board?

(as it turns out, WordPress won't let me put the widget in here so if you're curious please just click on over to the board itself?)

Please share your thoughts on a tarot altar. Do you have one, have you thoughts about putting one together? How did you go about doing it? Link me to any posts/photos you have! I’m totally interested!



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