Why “Council of the Shadows”?

So this is the rather blah story behind this blog’s title. I love names and coming up with names and having them be perfect. Comment below with your blog’s title story!

I have been an Internet junkie since the mid 90’s. I started making websites as soon as I could. I’d start a website, drop it, start another one with a different idea, remake it several times, make several other pages, drop them, blahblah.

I did the same thing with blogs when they were popping up everywhere (does anybody else remember “me me”s?).

At some point along the way I started a blog or website called Council of the Shadows. It was just a name that popped into my head and I thought sounded cool. I can’t quite remember what kind of content I was writing under that name but I did of course drop those projects as well. The memory of that title quickly vanished.

Fast forward several years and I figure I’ll start up a tarot blog. Wondered what I should call it and I promply remembered Council of the Shadows. I didn’t take a moment to consider anything else. It seemed so right and meaningful to use it. While I don’t really believe in spirits and think all this shit is just in my head, it still frames a nice idea to connect with.

Very shortly after that I heard about something called “shadow work”. And I heard peope using tarot to do shadow work. Suddenly my special little title had even more meaning to it. Naw, I don’t believe anything mystical or unwordly happened but it’s still neat, y’know?

I’m not really interested in using shadow work but I am interested in learning about it. Maybe I’ll use it in the future, probably not. If I do, the title will become rather approriate I think.



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