Deck Review – White Rabbit Oracle (+test reading)

OK. I’m not really an oracle person but I want to be. I keep looking for the perfect oracle but only 2 call out to me. I finally decided to get one, the White Rabbit Oracle.


Cards: 60 (counting cover card), standard tarot size

Artist/Author: Arianna?

First Impressions

When I saw the cards online I knew it was my kind of deck. I love collage and vintage images and it looked like the artist did a wonderful job arranging it all. Yay, finally an oracle deck that appeals to me!

When I opened them up I was crestfallen. While the collage work itself is superb, the artist slathered a gross filter onto each and every poor unsuspecting card. I think this ruins the entire deck. I didn’t notice this in online photos/reviews, I don’t know why. It’s just so obvious.

That’s my own fault, I should have been more careful.

Favorite Cards


Some of these are just genius! I have several favorites but just picked a few to show off. Look at Direction! Isn’t it wonderful? It’s got this slight Wizard of Oz vibe. I liked Solitude because I like solitude. Transformations has a nice Cinderella’s carriage vibe and that was all about transformations. Lovelovelove!

Least Favorite Cards


These are “least favorite” only because I don’t really feel the connection of the imagery to the words. I had a 5th card but when it was in this selection I had a moment and the card clicked with me so I took it out of the selection. So maybe it’s a matter of time with these as well.


Readability: 5/5

There are very few cards I get stumped with. Messages are loud and clear.

Cardstock: 1,000,009.9/5

This is the most amazing card stock. I’ve never felt a sense of awe, wonder, and pleasure from shuffling before. It’s like shuffling the buttered tears of baby angels. Why can’t all decks be like this?!

Backs: 4/5


Lovely enough. Fitting to the theme. Not reversible. Nothing spectacular.

Book: 3/5

The book is 3 sheets of regular printer paper stapled together with black and white thumbnails of each card and some keywords. I think it’s kind of pointless as the cards explain themselves, but it’s still a nice effort from the artist.

Beginner Friendly: YES/5

Give a beginner a spread or two to play with (I did my Mental Check spread and it was perfect) and they’re good to go!

Art: 2/5 sorry 😦

The art really is fantastic. The artist knows what she’s doing with picking the right images and setting a theme. The entire deck has a nice cohesiveness with very few bumps along the way. THE PROBLEM IS THAT GOD AWEFUL FILTER.

Hate the font. Love that its borderless.

Also I don’t like the font used for the names of the cards. Meh.

The Box: 2/5


jesusfuck I’m pale

The box is just a simple white window box. There isn’t enough cards to really fill it so they move around some. It’s not nice to look at but it does its job so I’m glad it came with the deck

Final Thoughts

I have mixed feelings and yes it’s because of that filter. I have been slowly getting used to it and if it wasn’t for how insightful and easy to shuffle the deck is I would be actually pissed (at myself! not the artist!) and consider giving it away to someone who is less of a picky bitch than I am.

But dudes, I did this reading and it was just perfect.


It’s my mental check spread and it’s more or less saying that I can be really productive right now as long as I don’t stop to think about old ideas or plans. (funny how it didn’t mention how my keyboard is dying and it took me almost 30 minutes to write that sentence).

Overall I’m glad I got it.

*edit* Forgot to mention that there were no “negative” words in this deck. Is that normal or oracle cards? I’m a bit confused about that one and I don’t do reversals so… this is a very fluffy deck in that regard.

Speaking of productivity, I’ve got other things to write elsewhere and hopefully another Hot Mess oracle card to make.

Lemme know your thoughts on this deck!




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