#defineyourshadow challenge week 1

So I figured I’d do another tarot challenge but instead of spamming daily I’d group them up and do them weekly. This challenge is  #defineyourshadow by tarotbytim.


#1 What am I in search of? – 10 of Swords/10 of Cups

OK I almost was going to redo this one because I drew the card several minutes after I read the first question and forgot what I was doing haha. I did draw another card though, the 10 of cups.

Interesting that I got two 10s, and also interesting that they are so very opposite each other.

For the 10 of Swords I get “self pity”. I do often wallow in self-pity but I wouldn’t say I seek it. I don’t like having woes and I don’t like obsessing with them either.

For 10 of cups I get “ultimate happiness and fullfillment”. I never liked the idea of families tied in with this card because I’m not a family person. But I certainly feel like I’m seeking happiness and fullfillment, especially for this year.

#2 How have I failed myself?  Three of Pentacles

I immediately got “I let things slip by”. Maybe in an artistic sense. Of course I let lots of things slip by for various reasons (moody, anxiety, etc). Sometimes it can be helped, sometimes it can’t. When it can, I guess I really am failing myself.

#3 What am I going to do about it? Four of Swords

I’m probably going to consider it a loss. Sit down and just reflect on everything I’ve missed but use it as fuel for the next battle so I can win the war.

#4 What mask do I wear most? King of Swords

A mask of strength, control and levelheadedness?  I don’t see how I put on a mast of strength and control, as I’m really quite weak and pathetic, I know it, and I don’t bother to hide it. Levelheadedness? Sure, that would make more sense. I feel like I have a logical, level view of tarot and other things and I know I put that forth because that’s what I believe.

Does the mask have to hide anything?

#5 What am I hiding? Five of Pentacles

Desperation, plight, homelessness? Well I’ve always felt rather without-a-home. Especially before we got the apartment on the 1st this year. I don’t feel like I’ve been hiding it though. I’m a very open book. I don’t think I’ve talked about it much though.



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