Hot Mess Oracle – #3 Intuition & #4 Creativity

I’m really not super happy with the Intuition card. This isn’t even half of the attempts I made. I wanted a female figure wearing a blindfold, or covering her eyes. Then I wanted her to have a 3rd eye. Ugh. Everything I tried wouldn’t have worked out with my chunky marker or would just look like a freaky alien cyclops thing. So I settled on the most basic idea which is, after all, what I wanted to keep in mind for this first deck anyway.


The Creativity card was much easier. I had a good direction to go with and I like how it came out, for the most part.

Intuition is supposed to sort of represent the High Priestess. Sorry, High Priestess


Scattered thought bubbles to show ideas and inspiration coming from everywhere. Lightbulb for ideas, paint palette (I swear it’s a paint palette!), a butterfly for obvious reasons I hope, and even a little thought bubble with messy scribble. Because messing up is part of creativity.

This card is based off the Empress.

Overall I think I’ve got 1 card that I am disappointed in and 3 that I’m fine or very happy with. Not bad so far.


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