Reading: Deck Interview – Tarot D (Didactic Tarot)

Whooboy. Here we go:


The Play by Play

  1. 4 of Wands: Empowerment (from the book). I see power, energy. Completely legit, that. It’s 90% the reason I got this deck, it looked so energetic.
  2. Silence (of Swords?): I get confusion, entrapment mentally? Confusion indeed, I get that from looking at these images. Entrapment because I get sucked into the world of each card.
  3. 7 of Cups: I get nothing from this one and the book says all sorts of stuff but nothing really stands out to me and I can’t summerize it.
  4. 6 of Wands: I get happiness on a journey. Having someone with you to share the journey. Again, book says all sorts of random shit that I can’t paraphrase easily. But it’s a generally positive card. So I guess the lesson is about being on a good journey, maybe the deck is my companion?!
  5. The Castle in the Sky:  Grand entrance/introduction with much flair. The book talks about a box secrets that you might keep your deepest and most personal thoughts in. So to learn from this deck… I have no fucking clue lol. The book also mentions the unconcious mind. Maybe I need to do some dreaming and meditations on the cards (thought that from the very beginning).
  6. King of Swords: I get “strength and rage”, maybe like focusing rage. Book has more babble I can’t quite paraphrase. So the outcome is… maybe rage from the frustration of working with this deck lol


Final Thoughts

I don’t know, man. This is a tough deck to read. It has tons of energy to it. I think its best that I just set this beast aside and admire it for its complexity.

I will be doing a review but I think I want to poke at it a bit more first.


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