Hot Mess Oracle – #5 Authority, #22 Justice, #7 Passion


Hahaha oh my. I had a headache all day yesterday and most of today. Started recovering and got really motivated to do some cards. I blame residual headache for why I did Justice out of order. Ah well.

Authority is from the Emperor. I had a little bit of a problem thinking of a doable idea but I’m fairly happy with the final product.

Justice is from Justice of course. I don’t know why I have it on my list as #22. I know I switched some things around. Whatevs! Anyway, really obvious, easy, unimaginative but it’s perfect.

Passion took me a few minutes to think up and I think it’s perfect. I may go in later and color the heart in black or scribbly black to look burt.

Yes I skipped Tradition. I just… I can’t come up with anything workable. I have a few thoughts when it comes to tradition: family (I’m not a family-person so I’m not sure if I want that in my deck?), activities such as religious and superstition things (also not my thing), and something that’s harder to describe in words and I can see represented a few ways through imagery but would make absolutely no sense to anybody else. I showed it to my boyfriend and he was all “Bwa?!”. So I stuck the ideas aside for the day and figured I’d wait for something else to come to me when it’s inconvenient i.e. in the shower, as I’m falling asleep…

I decided I wanted the edges to be black so I’ve blackened all the cards I’ve finished so far. We’re up to 7, btw! Only 70 more to go if I go for the whole deck. WOOOO!ooooo… D:

Maybe you’ll notice a liiiittle more detail in these cards. I got some new markers! A Fine/Ultra fine double ended Sharpie, a silver Sharpie, and a gold Sharpie. It hasn’t made my artistic “abilities” any better but it has given me lots more wiggle room.

I was thinking of using the silver to add a silver accent to each card or maybe color the background in on each one? I’m not sure yet. It may be a bad idea. It may be a good idea!

The gold came with the silver and it doesn’t stick to the card stock for some reason so I guess I’ll save it for edging other decks. Or for drawing on regular paper. I don’t know but I’m rather disappointed in that.

Up next is Victory which I have several ideas for, and Compassion which I haven’t quite figured out yet!


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