Tarot Altar – the cloth

I didn’t forget about my plans to put together an altar! I ordered this beautiful dupioni silk this past weekend and it just came in. I felt like a cloth was the perfect place to start since I’ve been wanting one badly anyway.

I am a gothy creature of the night who has dark decor and even have black body wash. But whilst in search of something befitting my moody outer world, I just couldn’t fine the Right Thing. Until I switched gears to the color I consider my “soul color” (sorry for the fluff, I don’t know what else to call it):


I spent more money on this fucking thing than I wanted to but it’ll be worth it in the end.


that purple tho

My “soul color” (ugh…) tends to be more green and less blue than this but it’s hard finding the right color, specially when shopping online. As much as I don’t really like blue, this is a particular shade that I absolutely love. And oh look there’s purple! I so do love purple.

I very very much love stars and space and shit like that so I plan on embroidering around the edges with silvery thread and star sequins. I’m probably also going to stick on some star shaped studs. Maybe attach some pretty little beads and mini bells along the way. Maybe even some teenyweeny (shisha?) mirrors? One in each corner?

I couldn’t find an existing altar or tarot cloth that looks anything like I have in mind. But for other objects I’ve seen things similar, like beautiful recycled sari clothing and belly dancing items. Those kinds of things just really grabs some intangible part of me and punches it in the gut.


the first deck I grabbed ended up being a fantastic model for the cloth



I’ve been brainstorming over other altar items. I feel like the next important item will be a dedicated table or at the very least a small box. I have a couple night stands in my sights that I like but the working surface wouldn’t be very large. I may just keep to a special box. That’ll be fine.


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