Question on do-overs/re-dos

I saw this question in a Facebook tarot group and thought I’d answer here as well. Of course it’s just my opinion. When it comes to tarot the short answer is always: Do what feels right to you

The question was basically “Sometimes I do a reading and I have a hard time reading the spread. Is it ok to reshuffle and try again?”

This happens to me on occasion. Here are solutions I personally use and others I haven’t tried but have heard about and recommend:

  1. Take a photo or note down the cards in the spread and revisit it later.
  2. See if the cards mean anything to your sitter. This may mean explaining the position of the cards and such, but maybe it’s meaningful to them.
  3. Sure, reshuffle and redo the spread! Maybe even remember what you had before, maybe the 2nd attempt will play off the first one.
  4. Rephrase the question and do the spread again, or maybe a different spread all together.
  5. Consult a book, website, or friend. Nothing wrong with getting outside insight.
  6. Pull some clarification cards for each card you’re stumped on. I actually just recently learned that this was a Thing that readers do (oh, the perils of being isolated in a hobby). I’ve heard of people using the same deck, a different deck, or even an oracle deck to help them understand a card better.

Since I’m mostly reader for myself I’m able to do #1 with no problems and it’s not awkward to pull out a book to try to jumpstart more ideas.

There are obviously going to be other ways to deal with this situation. What do you do? Comment below!


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