Deck Review: The Golden Tarot by Kat Black

So this might be a bit pic heavy.

Cards: 78, good ol’ fashioned RWS

Artist/Author: Kat Black

First Impressions

I got these near the end of December and I don’t quite remember my first impressions. Seems I was quite smitten with them! I had a helluva time shuffling them but I just loved the art, despite the Christiany vibes.

Also couldn’t get over the super shiny mirror-like gilded edges. So much nicer and smoother than the Tarot Illuminati and it didn’t make the cards stick together. I didn’t have to sort of rip them apart like I had to do with the Tarot Illuminati.


Notable Cards


Really need to learn to do these types of shots better

Ten of Swords is quite gruesome and detailed, I love it. Favorite 10 of swords ever? Wheel of Fortune amuses me. Look at that creepy fucking baby. Look at the creepy fucking animals watching. WTF is that guy doing? What did you do, dude? WHY ARE COOKING ON THE FLOOR?! I love this card. Five of Cups: “I could get you another cup if you wish, Sire-” *king throws a tantrum* “I don’t like this blood! Get me better blood!” *mopes*. ily, 5 of cups. Four of Cups: I don’t normally “get” this card, but for this deck I do. So I like it. Ace of Wands: Neat card, also amusing. “Ayyy lmao you should ttly smell this flower, man.” Death: I like this Death card. It may be less intimidating to some readers/sitters. And it’s amusing! little angeles “Shhh… go sleep now. Quick, grope her hair!”. 10 of Cups: This was before warnings of everything saying “Not for Children under 5!”. Look at that babby about to strangle itself. And that creepy toddler <3. 10/10 would draw this card again. 3 of Swords: I don’t see this card depicted with a person very often, so it stuck out. I also just love the art overall.

last but not least: The Queen of Wands. This is the image on the box. I just love it, it’s very striking. She’s so lovely. It’s such a well executed picture.


Readability: yes/5

It’s very RWS with enough wiggle room that you’ll notice the differences. So to me it’s very readable.

Cardstock: 4.5/5 could be worse

It’s thinnish but very sturdy which is nice. They’re very glossy which I’m not a huge fan of but still love the deck. BUT it’s hard to shuffle! I kept trying to poker-shuffle last night but it was just really chunky and choppy. I was going to do it today and take pics. I automatically went with the corner shuffle which I just started doing recently and it worked like a dream. I took pics anyway so here ya go:


And then I was like fine, I’ll show them how poorly it’s been shuffling in the normal way. That’ll disgust them! Well:


I don’t know what happened. Maybe I was a couple shuffles away from the cards breaking in? Seriously though like this was really hard to shuffle before! I SWEAR.

Another bummer thing is the edges are already seeing some wear. I haven’t used this deck very much. Was I that rough trying to shuffle?!


just not quite as pretty as day 1.

I imagine it’ll wear gracefully though.

Backs: 4/5 meh, could be worse


Book: 7.12/5

I read about 80% of it in one go one night. It was such a good read. Kat Black has a nice easy writing style (and it sounds like she’s a fellow atheist!). It was nice reading her thoughts on making the deck, and the little historical tidbits scattered throughout the book. LOVE. Oh and the book quality is very nice.


Possibly the best part about the book is that she cites references of the art she used!

Beginner Friendly: Probably!/5

RWS, great LWB. I’d say this is a good solid 2nd deck for the starry-eyed but serious beginner.

Art: !!!!!!!!eleventy1/5

I love collage. I love historical shit. Kat Black did a brilliant job. It it looks 87% not collagy (it would have been fine if it did). It’s just so perfect and smooth.

The border isn’t too bad though of course it would have been better without.

The Box: 10/5

It’s very sturdy, holds everything nicely. It’s easy to get stuff out. It’s not too bulky. It’s perfect. I wish all decks came in a box like this, as default.

Final Thoughts

Yeah I’m late to the Golden Tarot scene (spent YEARS not in The Know) but I gather that it was quite anticipated and beloved when it came out. I can see why. It’s utterly perfect. I want to make this a main reading deck. Kind of makes me want to retire my dusty old UW deck.

And as a bonus thing for me, the Christiany vibe didn’t bother me at all. I didn’t think it would but I was slightly afraid it might have a leaning. It doesn’t really and I am glad it was made by a non-Christian.



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