#defineyourshadow challenge week 2

So I figured I’d do another tarot challenge but instead of spamming daily I’d group them up and do them weekly. This challenge is  #defineyourshadow by tarotbytim.


#6 What does my body language say? 9 of Wands

Confident yet defensive?

#7 What does my speaking/writing style say? Knight of Swords

Quick, driven, fiery. “Words are my most important weapon”. Seems legit :-p

#8 How do I hurt others? The Hermit

By being alone, an introvert? Or by offering guidance?

#9 How do I hurt myself? 8 of Wands

Traditionally it’s movement but I get nothing intuitively from this card. Is it saying I hurt myself by moving too much? I mean in a literal, physical sense that couldn’t be any truer but I don’t think that’s what the question was about.

#10 Why do I let it keep happening? 4 of Pentacles

Because I’ve lost control.



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