tarot altar – the wand

tl;dr you can read the captions

I got 2 goodies in the mail today! But I’m only going to talk about one for now.


ash wand from thatguy22222 on etsy

OK so here’s what happened. Haha… funny story. So um you know how I was going to focus on getting a box next, to keep all the altar goodies in? Well I got a wand instead.

Yes I could make my own. Bitch, I don’t always want to make The Thing Myself, ok? I know it’s more “meaningful” to you but that isn’t a rule for everyone. 


If there’s anything I love in the magical world more than altars or grimoires, it’s WANDS. Merlin’s wand, Harry Potter’s wand, all the wands everywhere in all the movies and books and in the hands of magic peeps across the lands. I love how they can all look so different and be made out of different materials and have different purposes.


it’s just like… a marble and some fucking metal. cool.

I love that they’re like an extension from self into… wherever. I also love the connection of wands to air. Yeah I’m a wands=air/swords=fire kind of person. Deal with it. I just love wands, a’ight?

I was poking around Amazon and Etsy for boxes and figured I’d look for wands as well. Just because. What I really had set in my heart was something resembling something you’d see in the wands suit. Something kind of rough, kind of polished. Not a Harry Potter style wand. Maaaaybe a crystal on it. Maybe spots that look like there could have been leaves coming off it.

And then I discovered thatguy22222’s Etsy shop.


I got the selenite/fluorite wand maybe ~5 years ago. I can’t remember why I bought it. I think I was looking for something pretty and crystally to have. Probably not going to be a major part of my altar.

Y’all. Seriously. Y’all.

I stumbled across a goldmine. Every single one of his wands is just supurb. From what I could tell. The photos aren’t that great and coloring is way off but there was just something about them. Other than the low low prices. With shipping and such, my wand was $12.50.

As soon as I saw the Blackstars wand I grabbed it. Bowie has been haunting every musical neuron in my head, so I had to get it. I don’t know if the wand was made for Bowie reasons but the name (and the wand) was all the prodding I needed.

When I got it out of its box and it was still in the bag and it was in my hand I was like “… woah.” I haven’t had that kind of reaction to something for a long time. Of course I haven’t been paying attention either.

It’s really quite perfect. I was afraid that it wouldn’t “fit” my altar but I think it just might. Even if it doesn’t, I love it, and I know where to get more.

So next up… maybe this time I’ll be getting a box? I don’t think I’ll be stashing the cloth in it though because it sure wrinkles easily. At least now it’ll be easier to find something that’ll accommodate the wand, since I know the size I’ll need.


Oh, I almost forgot! Here’s what the whole package looks like from afar. Sitting where I’m thinking of putting my computer desk when I get one. I keep moving it around but I always have it in this area; by the window with fresh air, sunlight, and incense. Aww look at the poor Golden Tarot, tossed aside like yesterday’s deck.






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