What is your “year card”? +bonus altar stuffs

*edit* I’m participating in my first blog hop on 2/29 but the topic was one I already blogged about so here goes!


I love numbers! One of my favorite past times growing up was just randomly playing with numbers and letters. I was terrible at actual real math but I pretty much did numerology before I even knew it was a thing. /hipsterwitch

The video below is from Kelly-Ann Maddox, whom I have mixed feelings about (none of them are bad!). Skip to about 4:00 if you want the actual content.

I got 7, which is Chariot. That’s cool, I’m just hoping that means I’m not moving this year.

So I was just going to do a simple thing: share a pic of the Chariot from my newest deck. But no. I can’t do anything simply. ALL DECKS ON BOARD!


I even dug up my pendulum (yes yes I know, ideomotor effect). I bought it around the same time I got the selenite wand up there. I’ve been trying to think if it has a place with my tarot work or if I should do something else with it. With some minor adjustments it would make a fantastic necklace or prop for one of my larger dolls.

And then I thought… I have the groundwork for a perfect pendulum thingy here. Why not use it as a way to think about a selection of cards? I quite like just sitting, staring, comparing. Maybe the pendulum can be a fun way to facilitate that?


I may not even do it at all but I wanted to share the idea anyway so hopefully it’ll inspire others. You could use the swing of the pendulum to choose a card to meditate on, or let it choose 2 cards (swing to one card, pick it, swing to to another one, pick that one) to compare or whatever.

Or just let the pendulum sit there and be fucking pretty.

Either way I’m glad I dug it up and I’d love to know what you think of this and if you know about anything similar. I’m 119% sure this is not a unique thing.

Thanks for stopping by!




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