#defineyourshadow challenge week 3

So I figured I’d do another tarot challenge but instead of spamming daily I’d group them up and do them weekly. This challenge is  #defineyourshadow by tarotbytim.

It’s a lovely drizzly day here in Southern California! I thought I’d do the next 5 questions of this challenge. I’m still depending on the LWB that came with the Starchild tarot.


11. New Moon – Eight of Swords

I’m not sure what this position means but the book says my perception may be clouded which may not let me move forward. ‘k!

12. What am I neglecting to heal? – Ace of Wands

I’m not sure. Something to do with creativity?

13. Why? How can I? – Knight of Wands

Still confused. I need to be self assured to heal something?

14. What was I powerless against? – Transformation

Weird question. I feel like I’m missing some context. This card “represents the entry point into a new state of understanding and enlightenment.”

15. Am I still? What do I need? – King of Wands

…. No? I need to be a leader?

Final Thoughts

Ok so I think I messed up. I had a couple screenshots of challenges on Instagram and there was one I really liked and started doing it and I think I mixed that one up with this one. This one just doesn’t make sense and is not relevant to me. I looked at the questions again and there’s only a few I’m interested in. I’ll either just do those, or do all of them. I don’t know. Then I’ll do the one I really wanted to do!



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