reading: the Akashic Spread

This is another spread in the Starchild’s LWB. I really have no business doing this spread but here goes!


1: My Higher Self – what will be shared through clues, synchronicities, visions, feelings.

Seven of Swords

This card brings up issues about honesty from myself and from others.

2: My current energies – what do I need to process at this time?

The Moon

I think this card is saying I should shed light on something in my subconscious and process it.

3: Lower Vibrations – what do I need to release in order to raise my frequency?

Three of Cups

This card is about celebration, friends, family and home. I’m getting conflicting information from the book on this, in relation to the question. Maybe it means I should release stress related to people in my life and home, take a break and pursue my hobbies, do something creative.

4: Karmic Imprints – what am I still repeating from past life experiences?

Page of Swords

I’m really lost on this one guys.

5: Ascension – is there anything in my Akashic library that I should learn about?

Eight of Cups

Something about letting go?

Final Thoughts

Wow, so this is just not my area of knowledge or interest… this whole Akashic/frequencies/etc stuff. I still get no intuitive prompts from the images and it’s hard to force the book explanations to fit with this spread. I will probably never do this one again.

There is one more spread from the book that I will do, maybe tomorrow. It looks like another one that I have no business doing but I’mma do it anyway!



  1. I actually like this reading. I like how you had no clue about Page of Swords and appreciate your honesty. No idea when this reading was done but hope you’re liking the deck more. I’m waiting for a reprint of the original Starchild Tarot and might get this one too.


    1. Hey, thanks for dropping by 🙂

      Yeah sometimes I get really stuck on a card, mostly with these kinds of decks where the art just doesn’t say anything. It’s such a pretty deck though.


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