hot mess oracle #8 Victory #10 Wisdom #11 Kismet #20 Awakening + #13 Changes & #16 Catastrophe

I took a little tiny break from the Hot Mess oracle because working without a desk and chair was really killing my back. I got a chair on Saturday and my desk showed up yesterday.

I already had Kismet sketched up and knew what I wanted for Wisdom and Victory so I was able to whip out 4 pretty quickly yesterday. I may do more today.


OK so Wisdom is supposed to be a brain tree. I tried staring at my practice sketch with the brainy lines both colored and not colored in. I went and colored them in after taking this pic but it doesn’t look good either way. I may go and fill the trunk and roots as well, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have to completely redo it in the future. It works for now though.

I’m VERY happy with how Awakening came out! And yes I know I misspelled it 😦

I’m also super happy with Victory! This card and a couple others make me so glad I got a dual ended Sharpie.

Kismet was a really hard one to come up with. I kind of had this image in mind from the start. I went and looked at similar images. I used to draw a lot, especially things in perspective, but never could get the hang of paths and roads going off into the distance. It’ll do though.

I added Compassion to the skip pile along with Tradition. I just can’t come up with anything that works that I can also draw.

So that’s an update to the Hot Mess Oracle for today. I’m still considering coloring in some details with my silver Sharpie. It have plenty of time to figure it out so I’m not in a hurry.

Thanks for reading!


I worked on Wisdom a bit more and did Changes and Catastrophe. My hands have been shaking so I kept messing up Changes. I’m really happy with Catastrophe.




  1. Ooh! Just seen this, I hadn’t spotted this post before but just saw over on Aeclectic that you have been working on a deck. Loving the simplicity of the images you’ve drawn. 🙂


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