I’ve been quiet lately because I’ve been busy working on my digital tarot deck which I’ve hesitantly named Tarot of Real.

I do need to do some more tarot reviews, especially on the Starchild deck and the Lumina deck. I’ve been giving those more time than other decks because they’re more special. Maybe I can get one out this week.

As for Tarot of Real… it’s been a really fun project so far. I love hunting down images to use in art projects. It can be frustrating finding juuuuust the right unrestricted images. I have asked some online friends if they want to be in the deck in case I need something I can’t find.

I’d also like to extend that offer to anyone reading this (I’m ok with paying). I want a variety of people in my deck and I’m a little sick of the limited pool easily available on deviantArt.

I had a bit of a slow down working on the Aces since last week. A little combo of difficulty in getting the Ace of Swords just right and unable to find the right pentacle for the Ace of Pentacles. I really like how the Cup came out though.

Without further rambling here are the cards I’ve done since I last posted. Visit my Tarot of Real page link at top to find links to the projects on dA for credits.

*edit* I haven’t forgotten about the Hot Mess Oracle! I just haven’t been drawing on it. I keep getting stuck for image ideas!



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