deck review – Lumina tarot

It’s about time I did a review of this deck!



78 cards with standard suits. RWS meets TdM?


Tegan Swyny


Lauren Aletta

First Impressions

“It’s like the Wild Unknown, but better!”


“98% of these cards are dead to me. WTF does this even mean? It’s pretty af but it doesn’t mean anything.”

“omg I want to take these everywhere and do everything with them and get paint and dirt on them and tell them secrets and hold hands walking down the beach with them.”


Notable Cards


Judgement (incredible!), The Tower (very cool interpretation), The Hierophant (FAV CARD. BEST CARD. SO PRETTY. LUV. )


The Devil card is absolutely amazing. The other two here are very beautiful.


I wanted to show these to point out the artist’s awesome ability. That beetle is amazing! The expression in the mouse is fantastic!

Not So Noteworthy


A small sampling of cards that I just don’t “get”. With much effort I can see where the artist was going with Ten of Wands. But the others? Nope. I HAVE to use the book because I never learned the traditional meaning of every single card. Still love the art but don’t like the TdM aspect.


Readability: no/5

Yeah no. I mean if you are familiar with traditional meanings and like the TdM you may feel at home with this deck. But I do not (and I didn’t realize it was like this when I bought it. I fell in love with the art style and the major arcana that I saw so I caved and bought it.

Beginner Friendly: no/5

Nope. See above.

Cardstock: sexysexy buttery cardstock/5

It’s so smooth. And smells nice. It’s thick and buttery. Clingy, though. I wish more commercially printed decks were a little more like this. Nice enough to shuffle. But with the butteryness I feel like it makes the cards harder to damage. At least one card has been damaged already. One corner got kind of dog eared where one layer of paper got bent over. I can’t find that card now, thankfully, but when it happened I nearly cried. I put the deck away for several days 😦

The cards are matte which I love. I wish all decks were matte!


Standard UW on left, Lumina on right. It’s a thick deck and very nice to hold.



Taller/wider than standard UW, but not too big.


As you can see from the pics the art is very nice! And there’s tons of sacred geometry. I know shit about 99% of sacred geometry but I love it when I see it.

Backs: Blah/5


I really like that symbol but it’s just a really boring back. Reversible though.

Book: 2/5

It’s a good size, it’s very pretty and nicely laid out but the content within is too fluffy for me. Like I haven’t seen so much fluff and woo in such a small space. That said, I can’t read with this deck without it. I’m more of an intuitive or whatever reader so I rely heavily on the book.

It talks about 3 different spreads but there are no diagrams. I know placement doesn’t really matter but I like placement!

Box: 5/5

It’s perfect! Thick and sturdy, holds the cards snuggly, and it’s not too bulky so it makes carrying the deck easy. Will not need a separate bag or box for this deck.

Final Thoughts

I really like this deck for the art and cardstock. If you don’t mind woo and the suits I think you may like it. I have had some pleasant readings with it and look forward to using it in more.

I feel like I really want to beat the shit out of it, and I mean that in a loving way. I want to lay it out in the dirt outside, read with it on a mountain and get it all dirty, carry it in the rain. If I was painting nearby and it got a bit of paint splattered I’d just wipe off the excess and not worry about it (although fucking up that corner really bothered me for some reason).

There is something about the art and feel and vibe of this deck. It wants to be part of everything physical and I want to oblige.



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