Bittersweet spread for a relationship

I was really itching to do a little reading. I don’t think I’ve done much with this deck so I grabbed it and used the Bittersweet spread that came in the LWB. I wanted to inquire about one of my personal relationships.

This is an art deck with non traditional symbology so I figured I’d rely on first reactions as much as possible.

The Cards


Temperance (Sweet) and the Knave of Swords (Bitter)

Play by Play

1 – Temperance (Sweet)

Funnily enough this weekend I was talking about how I never get the Temperance card and it would be one that would probably throw me off as soon as I get it. I don’t remember the last time I got it, I can’t even picture what it looks like in the RW deck.

Anyway, I immediately got a sense of coziness and general sweetness, possibly some sense of elation. So I got a sweet card for sweet. This relationship has a lot of potential for happiness and contentedness, if a little frivolous and not down to earth.

2 – Knave of Swords (Bitter)

This one I didn’t have a strong of a reaction to but the best I get is caution. Not quite distrust but certainly a hesitation. The bitterness here may come down to losing trust and/or some bit of communication.

Using the book I feel this card may mean an end to curiosity or damage to a positive outlet.

Final Thoughts

This is a really cool little spread that I hope to use more and really get to know. I think it will be very useful.

As for the reading I think it came out rather interesting, as usual. Gives me something to think about, as usual. The Sweet card makes sense and the Bitter card I feel could be a good warning for us?

I was going to password protect this entry but I can’t seem to find that option now. That was an option before, right?


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