7 Parts of Self Spread

OK I don’t know what else to call this off hand and it’s still rusty. I did a lot of poking around trying to figure this out and really could use feedback.

I’ve sort of felt like trying to “translate” fluff and woo shit into more reasonable, grounded shit. I started with a spread from the Starseed tarot but I was having difficulties with it so today I started working on a 7 card chakra spread. I referenced a chart in Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen ’cause I sure as fuck can’t remember all the chakras on my own.

I think this spread has a lot of flexibility to it but I was thinking of it mostly as a multi-topic check with yourself. It could also work well with character development.

And I don’t have the space to do 7 cards vertically or horizontally so I came up with this layout that looks a bit like a person? Of course layouts don’t matter but I do like this one.

The Layout


The Play by Play

1. Reasoning – Where is your head right now?

2. Intuition – Is there anything you need to know about your intuition?

3 . Communication – How are you communication with the world right now?

4. Relationships – What are your relationships like right now?

5. Work – For work, careers, even hobbies, what is important to you right now?

6. Emotions/Creativity – How is your emotional wellbeing right now?

7. Foundation/Ego/Core – This is you as a whole. How’re you doin’?



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