deck review – Ceccoli tarot

OK so this is one of the decks I picked up later last year and I could have sworn I reviewed it at least twice by now although I can’t find any proof of that. Also I keep mixing it up with the Dreaming Way tarot. Yeesh.


78 cards with standard suits.


Nicoletta Ceccoli


Lunaea Weatherstone

First Impressions

“This is going to be hard to read but oohhh look how pretty.”

Favorite Cards


There are many stunning cards in this deck! It was difficult picking just a few to show off.

Least Favorite Cards


I didn’t like the devil cards and the fool because they’re so underwhelming, compared to the rest of the deck, but they do get the point across. I just don’t like The Hierophant because I can’t stand monkeys.

Readability: maaaybe 4/5

I think if you’re used to RWS and what cards mean traditionally you won’t have too many problems, as long as you don’t rely on the images. But the images are very illustrative on their own, even if you get your own definitions from the art or go intuitively, it’s very readable.

Beginner Friendly: no/5

Nope. See above.

Cardstock: 6/5

It’s perfect! It’s that semi-gloss standard stuff and it’s a dream to shuffle and I just know they’ll hold up for a long time. And, if I may be so bold to say, this is my favorite smelling deck. I don’t know what they put in this ink or cardstock but it just smells wonderful.

*edit* I forgot to mention… these cards are pretty slippery!

Art: 5/5

I love the art! I knew I wanted this deck at the very least to admire the art. I am a collector of dolls and like creepy and weird shit so this is perfect for me. And you know I don’t even mind the borders, which are pretty nice to look at. They don’t feel like they’re interrupting the art.

Backs: Meh/5


I would have preferred no borders for the backs. And even then, it’s just… meh. It doesn’t “go” with the art, y’know? Could have been a lot better but I don’t really care.


Book: 4/5


It’s a fairly standard Lo Scarabeo book with very brief descriptions in multiple languages, a key for the court symbols, and a very awesome little spread called the Bittersweet spread. It’s simple but the one time I did it it was very insightful. The book is very useful for clarifying the cards in a pinch.

Box: 4/5

It’s just a standard tuck box thing. Nothing special or worth showing off. It does it’s job so I can’t complain.

Final Thoughts

This is an art deck which means that the art on the cards was not made specifically for tarot. They did an OK job with that. One could probably do a whole series of posts about it.

It does do some nice readings but the imagery so so far removed from being “tarot” that I’d almost rather call it an oracle deck. Probably if you handed this to me, before I ever heard about it, with trimmed borders… I would have thought it was an oracle. And that’s fine, nothing wrong with that.

I do kind of want to try reading with it more to see if it grows on me or feels meaningful but I also feel more like I should just set it in my “Pretty to look at” pile… which I should get around to doing soon, actually.

Would I recommend this deck to read with? Eehhhh no? To collect? sure!


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