oracle review: Fallen Angel

It’s no secret that I’m not really into oracle decks. I want to be but there’s just something lacking, y’know? I think that thing may be structure. I like that Tarot has structure.



72 cards


Nigel Suckling

First Impressions

Ohhh so pretty and gothy! And yet so empty and uninspiring.

Favorite Cards


Picking favorite cards is a bit tough. Most of them are rather wonderful to look at. Flauros is cool because of the bird person who looks awesome. Vuall amuses me because it makes me think a Weeping Angel is riding a camel. Valefor amuses me because at first glance I always think it looks like a sex scene. I like Aym because that shadow looks like a cat or dog person. I like Furcas because that old dude reminds me of the Hermit and why not take advice from him?

Least Favorite Cards

OK I can’t really pick any.

Readability: -3/5

Nah bro. The images may be pretty but I get nothing useful out of them. I tried doing the rather neat Solomon’s Seal spread but it just… ugh. It felt so wrong. I think I even had a chuckle about how ridiculous the attempt was. I will attempt a 3 card spread soon and post it.

Beginner Friendly: yes?/5

I mean sure, if you think oracles are for you I think this would be a great first deck. The book is pretty great, I don’t think you can go wrong. My hesitation is mainly because the art rarely reflects what the card is about, and that might be rough for a newb.

Cardstock: 3/5

Rather thin, plasticy but thankfully not shiny, but right amount of bendy/sturdiness and slipperiness. This deck is a delight to shuffle! The riffle poker shuffle, from the sides, the corners… they all work well. Of course I prefer the poker shuffle. I think if you did it by the sides or corners the deck would quickly warp.

Major complaint is the edges started to show damage pretty fast. There’s even a white patch of paper on the back of one of the cards where the print peeled up and off somehow. And a different card has 2 patches on the front of the card. There’s probably more damage I haven’t seen yet and you can tell it’s beat up by looking at the sides of the deck. Not cool, bro.

Art: 4.5/5

The art is awesome. If you’re a regular ’round these parts you know I love me some collagy type stuff. And it appeals to my goff nature. Again, the art doesn’t give me any clue whatsoever to what the card is supposed to be about. That bums me out. It makes me think that Mr Suckling just dug up some old art, fiddled with it, and turned it into a deck instead of actually thinking about symbols, connections, meanings. And that’s fine, I wouldn’t mind doing that myself. But still. Eh.

Backs: 3/5



The back as art is lovely but as a back? I don’t even care too much that it’s not reversible. I’m just not a huge fan of a proper art image, something that can stand on it’s own, being on the back. That’s just me though.

Book: 5/5


The book was rather nice to read! There’s stuff about angels and history of this and that. Very interesting. The layout, look, and feel are all very nice. It’s 64 pages, not a lot but doesn’t leave much me wanting more. As you can see the book is in color. There are some spreads but the only one that interested me is the Solomon’s Knot which I plan on using with Tarot.

Box: 5/5


I had to take the stuffing out because it kept trying to eat the cards. They would get knocked around like this if you’re running around with the box in your bag so you may just want to get a pouch for them. Or if you have another deck (in it’s own bag) or a reading cloth you have room for it right in there.

And of course I always prefer boxes like what the Golden tarot and Lumina tarot come in but this one is still nice. Very thick and sturdy, a nice display piece although I’ve been using mine to prop up my laptop for airflow.

Final Thoughts


I have been having fun using this deck for occasional daily draws (posted on my IG, as seen to the right). I prop the card up on my keyboard and get to enjoy the art throughout the day. It’s a helluva lot easier and cheaper to do than buy giant prints and hang them all over.

Luckily this deck was cheap,  around $15 on Amazon. I don’t think I would have bought it if it was much more than that.

I don’t regret the purchase and I’m going to try to actually use it for readings because I really want to.

What do you think about this deck? Do you have it? Do you have as many problems with oracles as I do?


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