tarot altar: the book! (and updates)

So I’ve finally moved forward on my altar plans a bit. I got a book for it!

I wanted a book for keeping witchy type and figured I could keep tarot notes as well. I was hesitant about that at first because the whole point of having my tarot blog is to keep track of shit here. But it’s going to be much easier to consult my book and write notes down than to consult my computer. Because I’m always forgetting spreads ‘n shit.


It’s rather thick, has a ton of pages, and just looks and feels maaaaagical. It has two bookmarks and the pages are gilded. It’s a bit smelly and the paper is kind of rough and crappy but it’ll do.


I decided to break it in with something easy. I only have a small portion of my art supplies right now but I figure the book is going to get rather messy with art.

In other Altar News:

I now have my thread and needles so I can start embroidering around the edge. I’m probably going to just do a simple split stitch all around, making it kind of wavy and uneven and in multiple colors.

I also ordered 50 tiny little star studs that I’ll be installing around the border. I may attempt to do some constellations but I don’t know yet.

One last thing I have ordered is some little shisha mirrors. I may end up just putting one in each corner but I’m not completely sure yet.

I think I’ve decided against doing the iridescent star sequins. The kind that I like comes with way too many and I’ve been too lazy to ask the shop if they’ll do a smaller order. It might be a little overkill anyway 🙂

So, it’s not sexy, but here’s but it looks like right now:


so uninspiring

Yes. My altar is a pile of boxes. And my incense burner is some bit of cardboard I found. You make do, a’ight?

There is no rhyme or reason to it so far. The photograph is one of my own and I just put it there to spruce things up a bit. They grey thing is just a shawl I draped there just because.

I’ve got my current working deck, the Zombie Tarot, the incense burner, pendulum, planchette charm that broke off a collar, my selenite wand, my wood wand, and a chunk of ulexite that a friend recently gave to me and I LOVE IT.

So that’s a nice little update on my altar. Has anybody else decided to put one together? I’m always interested in seeing what other people do!


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