Kelly Bear’s 5 Deck prompt

Kelly Bear did a video on YouTube presenting us with a scenario:

I shall save you from my face and voice and respond with a blog post. You’re welcome.

I’ve kind of been in this situation before because I’ve moved so many times. The last 3 or so times I moved I had several decks and I knew stuff would have to go into storage for who knows how long.

I also recently organized my decks into “Currently using/getting into using”, “Want to learn to read with”, “Study decks”, “Ohhh Pretty!”, and “Regrettable Purchases”.

So I feel like I have a bit of a headstart on this. It was still a little tough though. I tried to go with a variety of decks so I can switch it up. Variety is the spice of life!

Without further ado, my choices:


Starchild, Japaridze, Zombie, Universal Waite, Golden

#1 – Universal Waite

This deck has gone everywhere with me since it was given to me in 2000/2001 and is the deck that really got me getting into tarot, so it will always be on this list. Even when I was moving I’d have this on my person, in my purse or backpack. It ain’t purty but it’s like an old friend you just can’t let go of, even if you don’t talk much anymore.

#2 – Golden Tarot

This one has been collecting dust lately but I still love it and want to keep it in my rotation. There is a little bit of wiggle room on substituting something else.

#3 – Japaridze Tarot

OK I’ll admit I just got this deck in the mail today and maybe its the “New deck is best deck” effect but wow I am impressed. I’m really looking forward to using it a lot. I like to think that it holds a strong position on this list but, again, that’s probably because it’s so new and shiny.

#4 – Zombie Tarot

I just recently got this back from storage. It was gone for several months. And before that I only had it for a couple months where it was previously in storage for several months. I really kind of missed it and don’t want it to go into storage again anytime soon and because of that I’d have a hard time switching it with something else. It’s such a fun, interesting deck. I haven’t gotten used to reading with it yet but I plan on using it more.

#5 – Starchild Tarot

I was really hesitant about including this one because of my conflicted feelings with it (it’s just so woo). I would probably be willing to switch this with something else at the last minute. But it is a deck I want to explore more. It’s just so damn pretty.

Runners Up:

I’m really quite surprised I didn’t have the Dreaming Way tarot on this list! I’m afraid my infatuation with that deck is going to be on and off again, which is fine.

If I hadn’t gotten the Japaridze tarot I probably would have picked the Mary-el instead for similar reasons. The imagery doesn’t speak “tarot” to me like the Japaridze does so it would be a backup choice.

The Medieval Scapini is a super cool deck that I look forward to getting to know more and considered instead of the Starchild. Unfortunately it’s incredibly smelly and I already have an “old” deck in my selection, so I didn’t pick it.


Final Thoughts

This was a fun prompt and a different way to look at “your top 5 favorite decks”. I think my selection is fairly flexible and I wouldn’t be surprised if this selection changed quite a bit in a month, or 6 months.

It’s also got me thinking a bit more about my purchasing habits. If I wasn’t such a damn art-o-holic I would have quite a few less decks. I wonder if that would make my top 5 choice harder or easier?

Either way, thanks to Kelly Bear for the prompt! All y’all should do it too! I love watching everyone else’s response videos.



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