“Should I accept the job offer?”

It’s not often that I do readings for others but someone was having a difficult time deciding on something so I jokingly asked if he wanted me to consult the tarot. To my surprise he said yes. Excuse the crap photo.

The Cards


I chose to use my rusty trusty Universal Waite because it’s the easiest for me to read.

The spread is just a simple yes/no thing that I kind of picked up off a Facebook group. Everybody and their dog is always posting a question along with 3 cards… I don’t know if they had an unspoken way of reading that particular spread but I just started using it in my own way with good results.

My sitter ignored anything I tried to tell him after that so I’ll just get it out here. I’m doing this partially to just keep a record of it and I’d also love feedback on how I did, and see if you see anything different.

Play by Play

King of Cups: Cups are about emotions and the King here is about caring and being in control of emotions. I think think taking this job will provide my sitter with some emotional peace and control.

Death: This card is about things ending, beginning, change. I think here the card says the job may provide a change that the King is looking for (look! he’s looking right at Death!).

Two of Wands: This dude is all about looking out to the future, and planning. And he’s looking at Death. Lots of focus on change here. I think taking this particular job will help facilitate some important future planning.

Final Thoughts

My personal feelings on the matter was more of a “no” but I got an overwhelming yet well mannered “yes” from this reading. I can’t really explain how I get a yes/no from these spreads, I just do.



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