10 Questions Every Tarot Reader Must Answer

This seems to be the new thing going around, so I figured I’d do it too. At least nobody is jumping off cliffs, eh? I found this post here. The original post is here.

I’d like to encourage other readers to ponder these questions from time to time. Some of them will change, some won’t. It’s just a good idea to know where you stand.

1. Were you mentored, or were you self taught?

Self taught. A mentor at some point during my years of learning would have been nice though. And maybe it’s not too late to have one?

2. Are you a psychic or a Tarot reader?

Let’s be logical here: Tarot reader.

3. Are your predictions accurate, and is accuracy important to you?

I don’t do predictions very often and I have lost all records of them, save for one recent one I did. We’ll see how that turn out later this year. As for the bulk of my non-predictive readings I’d say they are still accurate. And it is important to me because what is the point of readings if they’re not accurate? If everything they told me just didn’t make sense in relation to my poking and prodding then I’d have no use to play with them.

4. Is there anything you can’t predict in a reading?

I can’t predict anything. Divining the future as it’s set in stone isn’t a thing.

5. Do you use only Tarot, or are you multi-disciplinary?

Only tarot. I have dabbled with other things but they never stuck.

6. Is the message in the cards, or in your head?

What’s the difference? You read the card (which is just a card), and your brain takes the information where it needs to go. I don’t quite understand the question.

7. Are you a priest or a fortune-teller?


8. Are you a fixer or a looker?

I guess I’m more of a looker?

9. Do you read for free, or a fee?

I read for free but really could use some extra cash so I wouldn’t mind getting good enough to charge.

10. Is there anything you won’t predict in a reading?

Again, I rarely do predictions. But I’ll say no to legal and medical things, and anything else that might seem like a good idea to exclude at the time.


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