The Vampire Spread

I’ve been feeling the urge to read with the Bohemian Gothic tarot but wasn’t really sure what spread I wanted to do. I looked at the booklet and the Vampire Spread jumped out at me. I love trying out deck-specific spread and this one looked perfect for me right now.

The Cards


well this is going to be a downer

Play by Play

#1 Who or What is draining my energy? – The Tower

I feel like this was a super obvious card. All the violence, hatred, and destruction in the world really gets to me. People killing people, people killing animals, people killing our environment. It’s really becoming overwhelming lately.

#2 Why am I vulnerable to this? – The Star

This has been getting me down in particular because I have so much hope for the future of mankind and the planet. I want things to get better and I want to provide help but I can’t.

#3 What is the main effect this is having on me? – Two of Swords

It’s making me feel like I’m blocked, I’m trapped, no where to go. It may seem like there’s a choice but I really don’t think there is anything I can do.

#4 What should I do to avoid this happening? – Three of Pentacles

It looks like we have Frankenstein and his monster here. The doc has worked hard to make his monster. It took a lot of creativity and teamwork. I feel like this card is telling me to work with others, and that may lessen the terrible thoughts and feelings. I have recently started knitting for charity, and have thought about getting in contact with other knitters/crocheters. It’s such a minor thing in the grand scheme of things but it’s something.

#5 One further piece of advice about the situation. – Eight of Wands

I feel like the art in this card is telling me that things will get worse before they get better. It’s really cliche and stupid, sure, but it is what it is. And I think these things will happen quickly, and it’ll be over soon if I act quickly. Maybe if I hit the charitable projects hard and fast…

Final Thoughts

This is a fantastic spread. And I think this might be my first proper spread with this deck? It came out pretty crystal clear. I hope I was able to phrase it all according to how I was “getting” this reading. It all makes so much sense in my head until I start trying to type it out in an orderly fashion.

But yeah, basically this really sets some of my thoughts and worries straight. Doesn’t make them better, but gives me a bit of a heads up.

Thanks for tuning in! I’d love to hear if you’ve done this spread and how it went for you. I’m definitely going to keep it in my arsenal. 



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