Fullmoon Spread – my reading process

I wanted to do a walk-through of a typical reading for myself. I thought it would be fun to share my process, the thinking behind the cards, etc. I think I’ve done something like this before?

Maybe this will be useful for n00bs. Maybe not. Maybe it’ll provide a laugh. Maybe not! Maybe it’ll help me be less of a shit reader. I don’t know. Let me know!

The Cards


I saw some random post somewhere about full moon spreads. So I hit up Google and settled immediately on this one. I drew it up last night, took a pic to record what I got, and looked at it a little bit but today I’m really diving into it.

And what better deck to use for a full moon spread than the Bohemian Gothic? So many scenes are illuminated by moonlight!

Play by Play

#1 Things to let go of – The Devil

could you have picked anything more obvious and generic?

The devil is addiction and for this card it is super obvious. But what am I addicted to? I quit drinking caffeine (again) this year because I hated being dependent on it (we’re talking massive headaches and puking for hours if I don’t get any on time). But I recently discovered Thai iced tea and I’ve been drinking that every day for the past week or so. I’m hoping I won’t build a dependence on it.

If it’s some other addiction, I’m not sure what it would be. I am rather hooked to Reddit and YouTube. Those provide a connection to so many people and communities that I don’t feel like ditching them would be beneficial.

Or maybe the card just wants me to think of addictions in general. Maybe it wants me to shake up my routine (or lack thereof). We’ll see. Good draw, though.

#2 Things to Keep – The World

I’ve always struggled a bit with this card. I’ve always felt a definite “your world” feeling. Not the literal world, but what surrounds you.

Looking at the card in this deck doesn’t do much for me. It’s pretty but I don’t get meaning from it. It’s a lady by a stream or river and what in the world is she doing? Holding something? The leaves on the tree?

Biddy Tarot says “Completion, integration, accomplishment, travel”. OK. I can get the “completion” vibe a bit with my usual interpretation. Just not with the art.

The LWB says “what makes me feel complete”. Much more in tune with my personal meaning. But still no connection to the art!

So what I need to keep are things that make me feel complete. I’ve been putting a lot of time and money into working on my wardrobe. Being able to to put together outfits so I can look like how I’ve wanted to look for a large portion of my life is the closest to a feeling of “complete” I’ve ever had.

It gets a little more complicated than that but basically I think this card is just reminding me to stay on my path of discovering, and being, myself.

Now that I’ve sat here and let all this stew with me a bit, I feel like the art makes a little more sense. She seems so at peace and content. I think those things can come when you feel complete.

#3 Things yet to Come – Knight of Cups

I’ve always always always had a hard time with court cards! I really need to make it a life mission to figure these assholes out. The art never speaks to me. I always have to look them up. I never remember the book meaning. I can never tack on any personal meaning.

But I tried really hard to figure this one from the art and my fleeting memories of what shit in tarot means (you can’t tell I’ve been doing this for 15 years, right?): OK so we have a dude on a horse with a cup. He appears to be exiting a building. Cups are emotions, right? He’s leaving a building? So let’s just say for now this card is about emotions getting out.

interpretation via art: Things yet to come? A releasing/emerging of emotions. Right-o. I can get behind that. Except aren’t court cards supposed to specifically represent a person? OK… Maybe someone in my life will be doing the releasing to me.

Biddy says: “Romance, charm, ‘Knight in shining armour’, imagination”

interpretation via Biddy tarot: Someone romantic will come into my life. I’d love a gf so hey, that’s great news! Fat chance though.

The LWB says all sorts of things that don’t tie into the art and don’t click with me. So I’m sticking with my art intuition on this one.

#4 How the World Affects You – Eight of Swords

Traditional meaning and personal interpretation is usually easy for me on this one.

Funny though. I didn’t quite “get” the art until now. I looked closely at the card for the umpteenth time, looked at the LWB (“Feeling trapped in a situation…”) for the umpteenth time… and it clicked. I finally get the art for this deck.

Bitch, they’re just rats. You’re not trapped. Yes they’re rather large rats, but you’re not actually trapped.

So that makes this position rather obvious for me. The “world” makes me feel trapped and like I want to isolate myself. Of course I’m not actually trapped. It may suck, but I can get out of this.

#5 What to Give – Eight of Swords

I am endlessly amused about getting this card in this position. “What to give”? Here, have a card about taking.

Yeah I got nothing. Help?

#6 What to receive – Knight of Swords

Oh joy another court card. Thanks.

OK so he’s standing there. There’s a sword leaning against a table. Swords are like intellect, right? There’s a book open on the table, with a candle. I get a sense that maybe its late. Maybe he’s been up studying all night? A studious little fella. Yeah OK so uh…

OK but this is supposed to be a person. So I look at the LWB… somethingblahblah… “a leader with great energy and intelligence”. Cool, so that’s a vibe I can get with.

Stewing on this a bit… I feel like it’s telling me to receive… I don’t know how to phrase it. A sense of studiousness?

#8 What to learn – Queen of Wands

Ohhh more court cards. It’s not Christmas! Not.

I’ve been in love with this card ever since it started stalking me… around this same time last year. Hmm. I sure as fuck don’t remember what it means.

So we got a lady in a big fancy dress. She’s at some kind of ball. There are a bunch of other people there, but way in the background. Nobody is around her. Maybe they’re all looking at her? It seems she’s trying to mind her own business awhile fanning herself, but she seems to be looking back. Is she concerned about what the others think of her?

My favorite part is the black cat. I can’t decide if it’s spooked or just fluffy.

Maybe the card is telling me to not be concerned about what others think. I’ve already got that down to a science though. So what else could it mean? Maybe I -should- care, just a bit? I’ve been posting a lot of outfits over on my main blog, and on Reddit, and Instagram. I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten a shit ton more attention over my outfits on the Internet than I have anything else I’ve ever posted since I became an active Internet-goer in the mid 90s. I’ve even realized it this week.

So maybe the card says I should pay attention to people paying attention to me. Learn to care what others look like, it might be a good idea. Maybe it will bring me something I desire – some cool discussions, friends, opportunities.

Yes, I like that. It’s sounding perfect. Let’s see what the LWB says: “An attractive woman… someone passionate and sensual… ” Ehhh ok. I am recently passionate about being able to look how I want I guess.

What does Biddy say? “Quick thinker, organised, perceptive, independent”

OK. Well. There’s that.

So I liked to combine meanings and interpretations. Take everything I got from the art and add in being organized and independent.But I’m fucking exhausted by now and don’t feel like extrapolating that.

Final Thoughts

The Spread I really like this spread. In my wild fantasies I can see myself doing this every full moon. It’s going in my book of tarot spreads. If I was an organized, proactive, self-aware person I’d take the information and figure out how to apply it to my life for each month. But I am not that person.

The Deck I love this deck. I’m really getting into it. I loved it when I first saw it but of course had some problems with interpreting the art. But today I obviously had some breakthroughs.

The Reading – There’s a lot of court cards. I don’t think I’ve really cared about a strong court turn out before and I don’t know what it means. Any feedback on that would be great.

The spread also has a good chunk of swords. This is a very intellectual spread, I think. It’s not so much about material or whatnot.

I see World and Queen of Wands are facing each other. Maybe the Queen is looking a little further back than just directly at World. World was about completion and being content which was all about my wardrobe. The Queen was also related to my wardrobe. This is really highlighting something I’ve found very important to me, though I never thought in a million years I’d be in this sort of position about just clothes.

Overall – So yeah. Wow. Overall I’d say this was a pretty on-point reading. It really makes me feel more confident in my combined intuition/art interpretation/traditional/whatever reading methods. It also cemented in my mind how very important it is to write all this out. Especially on keyboard. I would have gotten writers cramp with paper and pen. Don’t get me wrong, I love the physical act of writing. I think of any excuse to write things by hand… but it’s not always practical. You may not think you’ll get much out of it but it’s really a very important process.



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