Same Spread; Different Deck Challenge

Hi everyone! I’m still alive! I’ve just been visiting my parents the last couple weeks. I still have a metric butt ton of posts hanging out ready for me to get over myself and publish them. But for now I have something really fun for me, and I hope for you. I’m sure it’s not unique but hey. Um. Here’s my take on it?

This funtime challenge will probably only be entertaining and educational and whatever to more intuitive readers and newbies. But if you go mainly By the Book I’d love to hear your results as well.

The idea is simple: Do a reading with a deck. Then grab another deck (or 2, or 3…) and lay out the same cards you got for the first reading. Post/vlog about what you discover from it. Let’s try #ssddtarot on social media as a sharing option.

(you can ignore the rest of this post for the challenge)

You may ask yourself “Why?! WHY AM I DOING THIS?!”

Calm the fuck down. I’ll tell you. Jezz.

A couple weekends ago, before I left to visit my parents, I was sitting in a cafe in Los Angeles. It’s one of the highest rated cafes my bf and I could find. The americano (my litmus) was a FUCKING JOKE. I was missing my friends and family (especially in New Orleans) more than ever. I getting the caffeine jitters off of barely passable hot bean water. Overall… I was feeling like shit.

Thankfully I had my Bohemian Gothic tarot so I break them out and lay down my Mental Check spread. I will post the results in my own response to this “challenge” but basically I was sitting there later on thinking “Hmmm. My readings are always on point. What would they be like if I used a different deck?” What really got me thinking about that was my #2 position (I’ll detail that in my response post).

I’d loooove to see your interpretation to the same spread, but different decks. It doesn’t matter how you interpret your spreads, just do it how you would normally do it. Even if it’s  some kind of combo method.

I will probably work on my response post on my train ride back to Los Angeles. But for now… let me know if this is interesting or not to you. What do you think??




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