Big Update + Announcements

If you follow me on Instagram then most of this won’t be too new.

I’ve been eyebrows deep in tarot ‘n such lately! And I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the future of my addiction hobby that somehow holds my interest longer than 3 seconds.



Cute Little Lenormand by Sara M. Lyons

Lenormand has really captured my heart. I have put tons and tons of research into this particular form of cartomancy. I was even going to doodle my own deck until I found one that was what I had in mind. I’ve only really done one reading with it but it was really fun and clear for a first attempt.

So I’m all set up with a book and a journal. Here’s a peek into what I have for the Rider so far:


Awesome Journal by I’m super impressed with the quality!

I’ve been making my way through the book and doing the exercises and it’s really making me think in different ways. I love it. 


In an honest attempt to feed my card addiction be a more well rounded, helpful reader, I’ve decided to make an honest stab at oracle decks. I really dug deep into my little black soul to figure out my problems with them. I put weeks of research into decks and, not unlike during my Lenormand Research Phase, was plagued with strange but related dreams.

So I hauled:


I haven’t properly used any of them yet but I have been perusing their books. I expect I’ll have quiet time to play with them starting tomorrow. And I’ll note that I’m about 1,000x more excited about the Oracle of Shadows & Light than I thought I’d be. I have seen her decks with Jasmine Becket-Griffith before and loved it but didn’t think I’d like the decks. But I think I’ll get along real well with this one. I already want all of them! The art really appeals to my doll obsessed inner tween.

Tarot wraps!


Not a very helpful photo, but it’s proof I did a thing!

I recently have been eyeing some knitted and crocheted tarot wraps. I decided to make my own, just to see if I could. I figured it would look fantastic with my Bohemian Gothic tarot so I sized it for that. It actually took me days to get it perfect. I could have knit at least 10 in the time it took me to do this one. And somehow it didn’t end up fitting the intended deck. It fits quite nice for the Wild Unknown but that deck doesn’t need or deserve a fancy wrap.

I don’t know if I’ll make anymore knitted ones. It’s not really all that practical. Even if the edges didn’t curl up on me when trying to wrap it, it’s just not quick and easy to put a deck away. I’ll eventually try a crochet one because I have an idea to make it really pretty. But I think I’ll just try making a pouch next time.

Edging and Trimming!


I have been edging and trimming lately. I feel like I might be missing a deck but I edged and trimmed my Cute Little Lenormand and Dreaming Way tarot. I may go in and trim the labels off of the latter at some point.

I also edged half the cards for the Wild Unknown because I thought it looked neat like that at the time. But now I’m thinking I’ll do the rest of the cards. I also edged the Victoria Frances oracle and the Oracle of Shadows and Light. I’m trying to decide if I want to trim the Faery Forest oracle.

Workbook Journal Thing!

So I’ve been fiddling with an idea. I want to create a workbook journal sort of thing and provide it as a PDF for others to download. It’s purpose is to have a place to study and record detailed findings on each card in a deck. So you’d have 1 book per deck you wish to study. I bought a large sketchbook to test it out in but found it provided way too much space. So I got a smaller sketchbook…


Pro Art Hard Bound Sketch Book 5.5″X8″

And so far this one is working out much better. I even loved it enough to slap some indie stickies on it. I like the paper a lot more in this book as well. Here’s a peek at the inside:


shorthand symbols from here

I have been trying to figure out which deck to use this book with. It was going to be the Wild Unknown but ugh. Just ugh. All I know is I want to do a deck I feel drawn to read with but maybe it intimidates me for some reason. So maybe the Shadowscapes? Or I could pick a favorite like the Zombie tarot.

Reading for Others?

I’ve been thinking for some time now that I want to read for others. I really want to help people, even if it’s in some small way. I was a bit tipsy one night recently and posted on FB to see if anybody wanted a reading. I used the Zombie Tarot and my Mental Check spread. Some people really appreciated it and I didn’t hear back from a couple others but I had fun. I think if I did that in a more meaningful way (???) then that would give me a sort of purpose in life.

I do have some hangups though which I’ve been having a hard time processing. Who knows, maybe I’m overthinking all this (I have been doing that a lot lately) and I’m worried about nothing. I actually got a reading recently about all this and I need to finish reading it but I think it may be helpful in helping me figure all this out.

Stuff to Come!

Of course I always have a zillion tarot decks to review but now you can look forward to some oracle and Lenormand reviews. I want to do more Tarot Lies posts and I’m always up for just general answers of questions.

I want to finally get around to doing book reviews and I have a reader I’d like to review who has done 2 readings for me (one paid, one I won).

If there’s anything you’d like to see, let me know!

And do comment below what you’ve been up to in this wonderful hobby lately!


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