About Me


O hai! I’m Angela, with many nicknames: Xeen, gothikitty, kittydorkdork, amoung some others. I’m in my 30s, currently living in Southern California.

I’m an atheist and I’ve been enjoying tarot and general pagany sorts of studies for ~15 years. It’s been mostly a tool I use for myself as I believe that’s the best way to use it.


The purpose of this blog is to help me get back into tarot like I used to be. I used to be into the cards quite a bit, off and on. I’m coming back from an “off” and want to really get serious about doing readings and such again. I feel like I really need tarot to be a big part of my life.

I also want to help others on their tarot journey. I want to provide reviews, answer questions, give advice, offer free readings, etc. I am rusty at reading for others but I really need to just do it.


I find the tarot to be a fantastic tool for self discovery and enrichment. It’s nice to take even just a few minutes every day or so to have quiet reflection. Kind of like having a coffee break with your friends to catch up on their lives but with yourself.


I fucking cuss a lot and am not at all fluffy. Touchyfeely, do what feels right, intuitive reader that goes with the flow ‘n such? Sure. But I don’t sugarcoat and I’m not full of mystical magical hot air.



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