Thoth borderectomy finished

Yesterday I posted a progress pic of trimming my mini Thoth deck. I finished it in a boba cafe and it was quite a fun and relaxing activity. I only made one really big nasty mistake (cut almost half a name off) but I was able to fix it pretty nicely. I think I may do a tutorial on that if anyone is interested.


I just used a pair of scissors for trimming and rounding the corners and a gold Sharpie on the edges. I love how it came out! It’s so shoddy and messy and imperfect; right up my ally! And I got lucky, I have a little silky pouch that just barely fits the deck and LWB.

I’m itching to do another deck but I don’t have any I want to do in this messy way. I’ll wait until I can get a proper corner rounder. I have seen trimmed Dreaming Way and love how it looks so that may be my next victim.

I’m also thinking of getting the largest size Thoth to trim because I’m really getting interested in delving into it but really want to see the art.


so small! truly pocket size.


Thoth borderectomy

I’ve been itching to alter a deck for awhile now. I just got 4 of my 8? decks in the mail, from storage. I almost immediately wanted to start whacking away at the Thoth deck. I slept on the idea, then decided to start today.


And yes, I’m doing it by hand. I may wait until I can get a corner rounder to do the corners but we’ll see.

I’m happy with how it’s coming out so far. I like narrow cards.

Tell me about your deck altering plans or projects!